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Homework Help: Experiment help

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    Hey, i gotta do 2 experiements for physics to measure acceleraetion due to gravity,
    i did free fall experiment, dropping a ball from a certain hieght and measuring time n using the s=ut +.5 a t^2 forumula to get a
    and i need to graph this but i do not know what the two things i shot plot
    maybe the hieght and time?
    also i droped it from 2 hieghts should i need to do it more?
    do i need to plot 2 graphs?

    also the second experiment i did was da 1 where u have the trolley n ticky tape timer n the tape is attached to da trolley n a string on other side is attached to the trolley and the string is over a pulley n attached to a mass
    i did it with 3 different mass and repeated it twice with each mass
    so how would i graph this experiment?, do i need three graphs?, please help
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    concerning the graph, you should think, in the s=ut+0.5at^2 equation, which are the constants and which are the variables?
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