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Homework Help: Explain Please

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    Explain!!!! Please

    * You can cook es by vegatables by dropping them into boiling water or by placing them in a basket over boiling water, putting the lid on the potand steaming them. Which method do you think would be faster? Explain your reasoning.
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    Re: Explain!!!! Please

    The transfer coefficient will be higher for the water, but the steams is hotter. How hot is your steam? Normally steam is not that much hotter thatn the water so the water will cook faster.
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    Re: Explain!!!! Please

    Surly because the steam has more energy then when the particles of steam collide with the vegatable more energy is transfered to it?
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    Re: Explain!!!! Please

    When you put vegetables in boiling water, the vegetables get heat transfer from liquid water to the vegetables. When you suspend the vegetables in steam, and the steam hits the cooler vegetables, the latent heat of vaporization in the steam is transferred to the vegetables.

    Which do you think is more efficient?
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