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Express solution as bessel function

  1. Jul 18, 2008 #1
    Hi Guys, i'm an undergrad student...and i have a difficulty trying to solve

    4xy" + 4y' + y = 0, and express the solution in term of Bessel function.

    I have tried Frobenius method...then....it didn't work..and i'm really confused

    Could anyone please help me with this?...i'd would really appreciate!
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    Bessel fuinctions are defined as solutions to Bessel's equation.

    What is Bessel's equation?

    Can you, perhaps by changing varables, change your equation to Bessel's equation?
  4. Jul 19, 2008 #3
    Even if I multiply x thru, then divide 4 thru...i still don't get (x^2)y...hmmm..(i.e. Bessel eqn order of zero)..
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