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Falling from a Tree

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    While exploring the canopy of the rainforest in equatorial South America, Anastasia falls from a branch 31.0 meters high. Exactly 1.4 seconds later Joe falls from the same branch. How high above the ground is Joe when Anastasia splats into the mud below? undefined
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    this sounds almost to easy.

    y = y0 -1/2 * g* t ^2

    y = 31 - 1/2 * 9.8 * (1.4) ^ 2

    do the math
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    I get 21.40m (21.396 m) but the computer I am doing it on cross checks my answer and says its wrong...
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    Yes, it was too easy. That is Anastasia's height when Joe starts to fall. To find Joe's height when Anastasia hits the ground:

    1) Solve 31- (1/2)(9.8)t2 to find time t when Anastasia hits the ground.

    2) Put that value of t into h= 31- (1/2)*(9.8)(t- 1.4)2 to find Joe's height h.
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    i didnt want to do the whole problem for them, but yes halls is right
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    For what time Joe is in motion when Anastasia splats in mud??? is it 1.4 sec ??????
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    No, as I said before, solve (1/2)(9.8)t2- 31= 0 (her height will be 0) to find when Anastasia hits the ground.
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    This is Anastasia's height. I'm trying to find Joe's...
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    joe's height will be
    hjoe = 31 - (1/2)*(9.8)(TA - 1.4)^2
    where TA is when A hits the mud found by solving
    (1/2)(9.8)(TA)^2 = 31
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    StotleD: First I calculated how long it takes Anastasia to fall before hitting the ground. I came up with 2.52 seconds. If Joe falls 1.4 s after Anastasia does, and if she hits the ground after 2.52 s, then he has fallen for 1.12 s when she hits. You can calculate his distance fallen of distance above the ground or both. I got 6.15 m that Joe fell. 31.0 m - 6.15 m is the height above the ground: 24.85 m. Does that help and match your understanding and calculations?
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