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Fatigue Properties of Chinese steel

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    Hi everyone, I just joined and was wondering if anyone could help me in finding the cyclic fatigue properties of Chinese steel, specifically 30Mn2? I need to perform a fatigue life analysis on a Chinese truck spindle, but cannot find the properties anywhere. I have tried to match the chemical composition and basic mechanical properties with an AISI steel to use as a go-by but have had no luck.

    Can anyone help me out?? Thanks!
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    FROM: Chinese National Standard GBT3077-1999


    Chemical composition (%)
    C Si Mn
    0.27-0.34 0.17-0.371 1.40-1.80

    Heat treatment & mechanic properties´╝Ü

    Blank Size | Quenching | Tempering | Tensile strength | Yield strength
    25mm | 840(degree Celsius)(water) | 500(cooled by water) | 785(MPa) | 635

    Elongation after fracture(%) | Reduction of area(%)| Impact absorbing energy | Hardness(HB10/3000)
    12 | 45 | 63(J) | <=207
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