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Brittle to Ductile transition temperature of steel S450GD

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    Hi guys,

    I'm having an issue at the minute with rolled coil steel, cracking and fracturing when being rolled into a profile. The material certs are within ISO specification, i.e. chemical composition analysis and the mechanical properties etc.

    The carbon equivalent may be a little high, but still be in specification. As the temperature of the steel being rolled is somewhere around 2-4 Degrees C, It may be closer to the brittle zone. Steel grade S450GD

    Can anyone provide any further information on this? It's a phenomena I know little about, and unable to find any resources on the internet. A book, or study conducted would be a good pointer.

    Many thanks,

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    jim hardy

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    hope this helps. I'm no NDTT expert, just am aware from my reactor days that it is a property of steel.

    i gather there's a "sub-grade" that defines the temperature at which 'toughness' is measured ?

    clicking this link
    at https://www.steelconstruction.info/Steel_material_properties#Toughness
    installed a pdf file that looks informative
    it has a tutorial on brittle fracture.

    two snips:




    do your procurement documents include a sub-grade ?

    old jim
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