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Homework Help: Finding shear and moment diagrams for a simply supported beam.

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    I know how to work shear and moment diagram problems, but I am a little confused as to how to start this one. Does it matter that the force is hanging off the bracket? Can I just continue as if the force was acting directly on the beam, or is there something else I need to do. I know if the force was acting directly on the beam, the support reactions would be P/2 at points A and C.
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    Hi haleystew, welcome to PF. To get correct shear and bending moment diagrams, you need to know how load P acts at the arm's connection point with the beam (i.e., point B). This can be accomplished by replacing P with an equivalent load (e.g., force and moment if necessary) at point D, and then at point B. Know what I mean?
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