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Flow rate through a tee fitting

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    i have a piping system and i know the initial flow rate into the system. the the piping system steps down several times through tee fittings on its way to a final nozzle in which i have required minimum flow rate. i know the flow rate going into the tee but i can't find any information about the flow rate that will output from each outlet of the tee. if anyone can help or lead me somewhere where i can find the answer this would be appreciated
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    What are the outlets running to? Water takes the path of least resistance, so your flow will change accordingly. If they are discharging at the same height into open containers, then you should see 1/2 split flow. If one is going to a heat exchanger and one drops down into a well, then you should see way more flow through the one to the well.

    More info on your system is required to really get at an answer
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