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Fluid flow pump help

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    I cannot figure out which pump or size of pump would fit the need I have. Can you please review the need and recommend a type and pump model/specification that you think would work for this application?

    I need to have a fluid flow of these specs, I don't have any constraints or structural limitations as it is just concept for now based on other similar units.

    I need to have fluid come in from a pipe of maybe 4 to 5 inch diameter that must hit a plate that will force the fluid to the outer edge of the plate in all 360 degrees. The cavity is 3" height between the two plates.
    Something like what a radial flow impeller does to the fluid but don't want to use an impeller. Just a small conical structure in the center point of impact from incoming pipe flow. The top plate is 28 inches in diameter.

    The key need is to have a fluid flow of 50 to 75 Knots at the 9" mark from center point going out to the outer edges of the plate. So the cavity looks like two pancakes with a 3 inch gap from top plate to lower plate. The water needs to enter from the center of the lower pancake hit the top pancake in the center and force the water radially at 50-75knots. Looking for lightweight, cheap, electric DC pump that can do this.
    please email me at mirequest@yahoo.com with any replies. I would really appreciate it.
    I think I will need a large GPM rather than head.
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    With my apologies, I can't follow the question. Any chance that you can post a sketch of what you're talking about?
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    You want to push water thru a 5" pipe at 70mph?
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    maybe you could use the propulsion pump from a jet boat. It would be gas or diesel powered. I dont think there is a DC motor out there that will do what you are talking about.
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