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Flux, Capacitance, Difference Potential, and Volt

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    I have a question about electricity and magnetism. My teacher went through these chapters in 3 days, and I am completely confused. Can some body please explain what exactly is flux, capacitance, difference potential, and voltage? And can you also explain to my what the number stands for when solving for each one? (Ex. 3 Volt, what does that mean?)

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    Anyone there?
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    robwashere: Welcome to Physics Forums!

    No one here will spend time and energy teaching you these BASICS of electronics. That would be called “spoon feeding the student”. First you need to study and try to grasp the concepts…they are NOT difficult or complicated. After you make your efforts, and if you have some specific doubts or questions, then definitely return here and ask them. Many experienced scientists and engineers here are ready to help you.

    Google "basic electronics". Here are two sites to get you started. Keep a notebook.

    Study Phase I: Electricity and Phase II: Components


    This site is good introduction for people who have never studied electronics:

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