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Force of a parachute on parachutist

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    A parachutist of mass 65 kg jumps out of a plane deploys a chute.
    When the chute opens, she slows down from 80km/h to 10km/h in 0.8s. What is the foce of the chute on her shoulders at that time?

    m = 65 kg
    v1 = 80km/h → 22 m/s
    v2 = 10 km/h → 2.8 m/s
    change in time = 0.8 s

    2. Relevant equations

    a = v/t
    Fnet = ma

    3. The attempt at a solution
    We're assuming that up is positive.
    I used to sig figs for all my values.

    First we need to find the acceleration

    a = v/t
    a = (2.8 - 22)/0.8
    a = -24 m/s^2

    Let Fp = force of the parachute

    Fnet = ma
    Fg + Fp = ma
    -640 + Fp = (65)(-24)
    -640 + Fp = -1560
    Fp = -1560 + 640
    Fp = -920 N

    I'm confused as to what I'm doing wrong. My teacher told us the answer should be about 2200 N and that would be positive while my answer is turning out completely off and negative.
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    by using positive values for v, you have assumed down is positive and up is negative
    since the acceleration is up, the net force must be up; thus, Fp > Fg. Correct your plus and minus signs.
    Net force is always in the direction of the acceleration.
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    Okay, so then I changed the velocity values to negatives. That in turn made the acceleration a positive and then following through with

    Fnet = ma
    Fg + Fp = ma
    -640 + Fp = (65)(24)
    Fp = 2200 N

    Thanks :)
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