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Homework Help: Forces on frictionless pulleys

  1. Oct 10, 2013 #1
    1. A mass m1 is attached to a second mass m2 by a rope that goes over a frictionless and massless pulley. Mass m1 is being pushed down a rough inclined plane with force F. The Angle of the incline is θ1, the force pushing m1 is acting at an angle θ2 . and the coefficient of kinetic friction on the plane is μk

    all i need to find it the algebraic solution no actual final answer just equation rearrangement
    the x and y component of m1g, T (tension) and μk

    equations for x and y components of Fnet

    the equation for Normal force

    the equation for the acceleration

    Ive gotten most of them so far but these ones im having some sort of mental discrepancy with


    For acceleration
    T-m2g= m2a

    Fcosθ2+m1gsinθ1-T-μk(Fsinθ2+m1gcosθ1) =m1a
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    Simon Bridge

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    You need to say what the angles are measured against and what the situation is with m2 ... is it hanging off the end of the rope, on a level frictionless plane... what?

    Did you draw free-body diagrams?
    To find components of gravity along and perpendicular to the slope, draw the gravity vector on the fbd, draw the axis on it, and resolve the vector against each axis using trigonometry. To see the problem, we need to see your working, not just the results.
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