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Homework Help: Forces that can be considered centripetal force

  1. Oct 14, 2015 #1
    Can you help me find the kind of force that can result in a rotation?(the force that can be considered as centripetal force)
    I know that static friction, contact force, tension, gravity can cause rotation, what else?
    can you help me find as many as possible?

    and kinetic friction can't cause rotation right?
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    First, centripetal force is a resultant force, not a specific applied force. In a given context, several forces may contribute to it.
    Although I've encountered other views on this, I believe a centripetal force is any net force that results in a change of direction, i.e. a curved path. "Rotation" might be too restrictive. See e.g. Wikipedia and Hyperphysics on the subject. This would certainly include kinetic friction in some contexts. E.g., consider sliding a block in, initially, a horizontal direction across a sloping surface.
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