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Forensic Expert Bullet Velocity-Ballistic Pendulum :uhh:

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    A forensic expert needed to find the velocity of a bullet fired from a gun inorder to predict the trajectory of a bullet. He fired a 5.50g bullet into ballistic pendulum with a bob that had a mass 1.75 kg. The pendulum swung to a height of 12.5 cm above its rest position before dropping back down. What was the velocity of the bullet just before it hit and became embedded in the pendulum bob?

    I think I have an understanding of the queation, but just wanted to ensure I am on the right path.

    I figured that in the middle kenetic energy E=1/2 mv2 will not be conseved, but momentum is conserved. So if u is the velocity of bullet in start then u=((m+M)v)/m

    In the swing to the height of 12.5 cm the potential and kenetic energy will be conserved since both the mass of pendulum and bullet swing up after collision.
    so v=sqrt(2gh)

    =1.565 m/s

    =499.599 m/s

    Is this question really this easy because its 4 marks?

    Please help. Thank you. :confused:
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    Yes it is.
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    Thanks a lot!
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