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FYP inquiries - Vertical-axis Wind Turbine

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    Hi, I am a Mechanical student, currently at my final year so I am to do my FYP aka Final Year Project with the title of hybrid power generator (solar + wind). My friend is in charge of the solar part while I am to design a vertical-axis wind turbine.

    I am clueless about from where should I start. Can anyone please guide me?

    Thank you so much in advance.
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    This website seems to have extensive information on wind power.


    In particular, these plans.
    http://www.otherpower.com/turbineplans.shtml [Broken]

    I plan to build this myself when more resources are available.

    *EDIT* At the time of writing, I had no idea what a "Vertical Axis Wind Turbine" was. With some googling, I see that my links are probably not much help, although the design for the alternator may be useful.
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    Hi there. I will be sure to go through the sites you gave.

    Meanwhile, I am just wondering, since I have not much experienced in building real thing, so, I wanna know what are the steps I should start with. For eg, calculation? find a suitable generator 1st? find out suitable blade design? Stuff like these..
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