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Gah! Help me find the word I'm thinking of!

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    Is there a long word that means seperation of church and state? I think it starts with an "A". Help! Please!
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    My friend found one of the ones I was thinking of:

    Pseudoantidisestablishmentarianism - False opposition to the withdrawl of State support from a church; Extreme opposition to the withdrawl of State supported church.

    But there is another.
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    How about...


    “Properly, opposition to the disestablishment of the Church of England, but popularly cited as an example of a long word.”
    Taken from; http://www.straightdope.com/mailbag/mantidis.html
    I finally found out what all the hip-hop talk of 'dissed' is about;
    http://akbar.marlboro.edu/~jfarber/sta/antidisestablishmentarianism.html [Broken]
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    I'm sorry, but the site is incorrect in saying that antidisestablishmentarianism is the longest word in the Enlish language.

    The longest word in my own personal vocab is "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovalcanoconiosis" (sp?), a disease which was once common to coal miners and popularly reffered to as "black lung". That might be the longest word in our language, or it may not. It's just the longest one I know.
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    Did you check the name of that tryptophan synthetase A protein over at the The Straight Dope site?

    I think it should be shortened to 'sillybillynillywilly'
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    Anti---- isn't the longest word.

    But "we" were always told that it was when "we" were younger, weren't "we"?

    Anyhow, most words longer than that are medical words. Such as LURCHER exmaple.

    Anywho, ZK, I don't like your attitude. If I knew the word I wouldn't tell you. But I will tell you I don't know the word.
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    The longest world is *drum roll* SMILES! can anyone guess why?
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    From Wiktionary:

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    That's pretty funny; give such a long name to something that nobody will ever write it, let alone try to pronounce it!
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    Just because something has letters, doesn't mean its a word. Example:


    Thats what happens when you bash your fist repeatedly against your keyboard.
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    ...it has to do with the difference between a word and a name?
  13. May 20, 2003 #12
    Because there's a mile between the first and last letters.
  14. May 20, 2003 #13
    Really? Last time I did it I just ended up with a broken keyboard.
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