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GMODs and the Mosaic Virus

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    What roll does the mosaic virus play in GMOD food?
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    Tobacco mosaic virus is used to deliver genetic information to plants. I believe that the genetic information is in the form of a plasmid.
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    It is my understanding that the mosaic virus is used to turn 'on' genes that a GMODer wishes to express. How does this happen?
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    Ouch, viruses do not carry plasmids. You are confusing it with Agrobacterium tumefacies, an alpha-proteobacterium and its Ti-plasmid.
    A virus itself is a vector. Certain areas of the viral (RNA-)genome can be replaced with other sequences with a variety of function. This may include, but not be limited to fluorescent proteins for visualization and tagging or to use it as siRNA to shut down protein expression.
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