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Good books on the molecular theory of viscosity

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    I am looking for a book which describes viscosity on a molecular level. The problem is that I dont have enough experience to make a wise selection. If anyone has some good pointers please share.
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    For a gas? Liquid? Under what conditions?
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    Ideally something general, but let's start with Newtonian fluids.
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    What do you mean the molecular theory of viscosity? Viscosity is essentially a result of what makes a fluid a fluid, so if you really want to know more than just the continuum definition you would need to look at things like kinetic theory and the properties of non-solid matter. Otherwise, viscosity is essentially just a construct of our own making representing the proportionality of shear stress to velocity gradient.
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    Jano L.

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    Hey guys, he wants books.

    Original historic papers: Stephen Brush, Kinetic theory of gases

    Textbook: James_Jeans: An introduction to the kinetic theory of gases (1940), seems nice and readable for beginner. Viscosity at p. 156.
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