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Good chemistry websites

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    Dr. Poliakoff has the best hair. Ever.
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    I prefer to refer to him as "The Prof", but you're right ..... and I like Neil :biggrin:
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    Dr Uma Sharma

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    Check this site for live tutoring sessions :
    http://www.chemtopper.com/ [Broken]
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    Dear Forumers!

    There is a fascinating resource http://arXiv.org, The Cornell University Archive, where one can publish his own research paper in Math, in Physics, in Computer Science, in Quantitative Biology, in Quantitative Finance, and in Statistics without a long lasting review procedure. Unfortunately it does not have a Chemistry section. I would like to ask if somebody knows a similar resource for Chemistry?
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    Do any of you guys have links to sites for diy chemistry, such as the YouTuber nilered
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    Something like NurdRage or, like how I mentioned above, PeriodicVideos? MIT has a bunch of open source videos, including a series on Lab Techniques, but that's probably not what you're looking for.
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