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Good engineering dynamics book?

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    does anyone have a recommendation of a good dynamics book? the dynamics class i'm taking this semester doesn't have a specific book. i've been through too many books and i just wanted to get some input on a good, easy to teach yourself book. this is an online dynamics class by the way.

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    You're going to get a thousand different answers from a thousand different people. Everyone will pretty much state what they had as a text in their dynamics classes.
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    I agree with Fred - one will receive as many answers as respondents.

    However - try this -

    Nice equation set - http://www.esm.psu.edu/courses/emch12/intdyn/course-docs/Equation-Sheet.pdf

    TEXT (required): "Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics" by A. Pytel and J. Kiusalaas from - http://www.esm.psu.edu/courses/emch12/rpmcnitt/default.html

    Engineering Dynamics (EngM373)
    Department of Engineering Mechanics
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    (Prepared by Mehrdad Negahban, 1996 - 2005)



    Actually, I have come across a really great book which I highly recommend to engineers.
    http://www.science.mcmaster.ca/~geo/faculty/emeriti/middleton/index.html (Johns Hopkins), "Mechanics in the Earth and Environmental Science," Cambridge University Press, 1994.

    It presents a nice clear and succinct discussion of the mathematics and philosophy of mechanics and modeling. Good introduction to vector and tensor applications, although it may not be sufficiently mathematically rigorous for some.


    Can also be found at Amazon and other booksellers.
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    I remember when i took dynamics i usedAndre Pytel and Jaan Kiusalaas book, after it, i studied Classical Dynamics by Donald T. Greenwood (self study), just to get more info (afterall Pytel and Kiusalaas reference it in their book).
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    I do not recommend the dynamics books from the Beer Johnson series... they are terrible books, they are hard to learn from.
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    thanks. i guess the only way to know is to buy one and try one for myself.
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    Well in my experience, there is no such thing as a good engineering dynamics book!.

    Engineering Dynamics requires a good foundation of math knowledge (Trigonometry, Vector Algebra, Vector Calculus and i'll throw in some intro to ODEs), which is different from Statics (basicly trigonometry and Vector Algebra).
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    The standard textbook used to be Greenwood's book (at least, in some parts of the world).

    If you are going to self-study, I recommend the Schaum's Outline Series in Engineering, "Theory and Problems in Lagrangian Dynamics", by Dare A. Wells. It has tons of solved and unsolved problems - ideal for learning by yourself.
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