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Good Math Books?

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    I want to get into studying Physics or Computer Science. Only problem is my math really isn't good enough, but I have a year to fix that. I only did General Mathematics in high school.
    So what books would you recommend? Should I buy the text books from the advanced mathematics classes and work through them? Should I do any further reading beyond that?

    Thank you.
    And I'm new to the forums, sorry if this isn't the best place to ask, I didn't want to bother the math forums with such a simple question.
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    A good math book is "Basic mathematics" by Serge Lang. It contains everything about math that you need to know before starting on calculus. So I recommend that you get that book and look at it. If you think you understand everything (and if you want to go into physics, then you'll need to understand everything in the book), then you can go to calculus.

    I also recommend watching Khan academy video's. They are simply great.
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    Yes Khan Academy is great!

    Thanks, I will check out that book :)
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