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Gyroscope homework question

  1. Apr 7, 2008 #1
    A gyroscope flywheel of radius 3.33 cm is accelerated from rest at 13.4 rad/s2 until its angular speed is 2760 rev/min.
    (a) What is the tangential acceleration of a point on the rim of the flywheel during this spin-up process?
    (b) What is the radial acceleration of this point when the flywheel is spinning at full speed?
    (c) Through what distance does a point on the rim move during the spin-up?

    i've been trying to answer these for hours and still have no clue. Help is appreciated.
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    D H

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    We don't do your homework problems for you here. Instead, we help you come to the solution yourself. When you posted this problem you were presented with a template. It would have helped if you had followed it. What are the relevant equations in this problem? What work have you done to solve the problem?
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