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Hall Effect data

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    Hi, I am doing research in Hall Mobility and Half-heusler compounds.

    I've taken some data on several samples now and I am kind of perplexed. We use a very stable magnetic field between -.6 Tesla and .6 Tesla to do the measurements.

    Currently we take data points at intervals of .1 tesla to acquire a line of Magnetic Field vs. Resistance (or voltage since Current is held constant). And for the most part we take the slope of that line to get a "B / R" ratio and then calculate the carrier concentration.

    Most of the samples have run smoothly and we've gotten linear data, but a few of the samples are returning Parabolic data.

    This meaning that we start at .6 Tesla and go to -.6 Tesla in .1 Tesla increments. Taking data at each point.

    http://img682.imageshack.us/img682/2230/graph3t.png" [Broken]

    We are also using a Van der pauw geometry instead of bar geometry (due to the shape of the samples that are made).

    my question is, What does a parabolic curve mean for Hall effect data. I thought it should be mostly linear.

    If you need any more info that I've left out, just ask I should be able to tell you. Thanks.
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