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Helium Purging

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    I am curious about the physics behind why helium is or is not a good gas to use purging other solutions. I am explicitly interested in its effects with NO.
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    I know that Helium has been used for purging aqueous solutions prior to high resolution spectroscopy.

    But perhaps you have a different context in mind. So please tell us what the context is. And if you include a reference to support the assertion, that would be ideal.
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    well, what I am doing is using helium to purge oxygen out of a system I have developed to measure trace concentrations of Nitric Oxide so I can try to solve some of the mysteries associated with the compound. I have been searching to see if there is a Math/Physics model for the mixture of gaseous solutions. The reason is because i have cleared all the leaks of my machine as well as put it in a nitrogen atmosphere and for some reason when My sample makes it to the mass spec i seem to be losing about 87% of the original sample.
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    1) You're purging an aqueous solution prior to assay of NO or NOx; 2) you're (or not?) chromatographing the solution; 3) you're doing a mass spec of the solution, or of the gase stream during the purging process?

    You're going to have to come up with a more detailed description of what you're doing --- asking people to guess what you're doing and tell you what problems might arise just ain't gonna get anywhere.
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    I gave a brief overview. All I want to know is The physics behind using Helium Gas to purge another gas in a system. Any System. But I have decided just to create my own model and move on. Thanks anyways.
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