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Help choosing final year project - renewable energy

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    Hi guys,

    I am a mechanical engineering student and before the end of this year, I must select final year project to do research on. I am really interested in renewable energy and have a particular interest in wind energy/wind turbines.

    I am after a project that will require me to do site visits and record data. For example I was thinking of doing a project on the sound emitted by wind farms/turbines, however dont know if this is too simple or if it has been overdone? Is there anything unique or interesting to research in this area?

    Any suggestions, I would like my research to involve site visits to record data and im really keen on wind energy, but would also consider Hydro, solar and geothermal.
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    For a final project you need to be very very specific about the scope and aims of the project.

    So you've gone to a field and measured the sound emitted. then what?

    The project title also helps nail down precisely what you are looking at. For example I am interesed in cars and fancy doing a tuning project for my thesis.

    Title 1: Tuning the torque curve of an engine.

    Poor project, as the aims are not specifically laid out. Without a clear goal for the project the scope will grow and grow and you'll end up with lots of very simple stuff that will not have a good project.

    Title 2: The use of pressure wave tuning in inlet and exhaust primaries with the aim of optimising the torque curve for top end power.

    This has the scope truly nailed down, you are looking at 1 thing and can go into detail with it. This is the sort of thing that produces a good project.

    Also dont EVER do a design project for a thesis if you can get away with it. They are an effing nightmare, I did one for my masters and it requires subtantially more work for the same grade than an analysis project. What im saying is its easier to go into extremem detail with analyis than it is to go into extreme depth with design and thus easier toge tthe big marks.
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