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Help finding out Whats in this?

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    Ok so im trying to duplicate a Non-Toxic and biodegradable cleaner i use to sell door to door... I really dont know if im posting in the right website or forum. I have the msds sheet and this is what it mainly reads about whats in it... im clueless about it. What im trying to figure out is whats in it and how much. I know its mainly made of water... I dont know how much of the msds sheet you guys need to figure it out... if you need more let me know.



    Butyl Cellosolve 111-76-2 25 ppm 50 ppm

    This product is classified as non hazardous in accordance with the hazard communication standard 29 CER 1910.1200

    Health = 1
    Flammability = 0
    Reactivity = 0
    Personal Protection = A
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SECTION 3. PHYSICAL DATA
    APPEARANCE & ODOR: Clear liquid, characteristic color
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SECTION 4. FIRE AND EXPLOSION DATA
    FLASH POINT: Non combustible
    EXTINGUISHING MEDIA: Water spray, foam, or dry chemical.
    SPECIAL FIRE FIGHTING PROCEDURES: Extreme heat or flames may produce
    noxious or toxic fumes, fire fighters should use a self contained breathing apparatus if
    this product is being consumed with fire.
    STABILITY: Stable
    CONDITIONS TO AVOID: None known.
    HAZARDOUS DECOMPOSITION: Oxides of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus,
    unidentified organic compounds.

    From the threads that i read on the site before posting alot of you guys seem like really inteligent people... needless to say im not that smart when it comes to this stuff. I know it reads that there is Butyl Cellosolve in it... but when i sold the product i was told that there was Butyl Cellosolve, sodium sulfonate, and sodium gluconate.... i was told that the Sulfonate and gluconate was added to make bubbles to lift up stains in carpet... I was also told that the Butyl Cellosolve was 1 part out of 1,000,000 ... which equals i eye drop to a gallon jug of water.. Can anyone confirm that by the msds sheet? Anyway if anyone can help me i would really appreciate it. Thanks to all that try and figure it out.
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    Is this some sort of window cleanser?

    Regardless the data you've posted will not help you formulate any type of cleanser. A material safety data sheet may tell you th chemical components of a substance and how much there is in the substance but it doesn't tell you how to mix it when to mix it etc. The purpose of MSDS is to provide safety information to people working with or around these substances.

    Butyl Cellosolve is glycol ether and it is toxic so I would not suggest using it on your own without any training in the use of these types of chemicals. It can be very dangerous playing with chemicals found in household cleaners.
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    Actually no its a all purpose cleaner... Im not going to mix anything i already have a chemical company that will do that for me. they tested the product and told me that there was 1 part butyl cellosolve and 1,000,000 part water.. i was wondering if thats whats inside of it why dont they list sodium gluconate or sodium sulfonate in the msds sheet? I have the chemical company near me making alternate cleaners that are clear and non toxic... They said it would be 2 much for them to buy the gluconate and sulfonate and make it... they tell me its mainly water, but to much to make... makes me feel like they are wanting me to buy one of their pre-made formulas so i have to pay more... i looked online and found butyl cellosolve for like 20.00 a gallon... sulfonate also 20.00$... and cant find the gluconate. Anyway If anyone has any good ideas for forumula on a non-toxic clear cleaner with no smell... It would kinda help with other idea's to throw at this company. Just not trying to spend a arm and leg for a drum of any kinda cleaner.
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