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Homework Help: HELP This has to do with magnitude, resultant, and angles Please answer

  1. Jun 20, 2006 #1
    HELP!!! This has to do with magnitude, resultant, and angles!!! Please answer!!!!!!!!

    This is due by 10:30 p.m. so please help me by then!!:cry:

    here it is:

    3. [Giancoli6 3.P.010.]
    Three vectors are shown in Fig. 3-32 (A = 68.0 , B = 54.0°). Their magnitudes are given in arbitrary units. Determine the sum of the three vectors.

    the figure is attatched!!

    (a) Give the resultant in terms of components.
    Rx =
    Ry =

    (b) What is the magnitude of the resultant?

    What is the resultant's angle above the +x axis?

    Please help me!!!!! Don't give up on me!!!:frown:

    Thank you sooo much!!!:smile:

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    Welcome to PF, vihits. As the rules say when you signed up just now, you must show your work up to now on these problems. We do not do your homework for you. We *do* help you when your are stuck on some concept, or making an error that we can spot.

    Also, attachments take a while to get approved sometimes, so if you need quick help, it's a good idea to post your info someplace and link to it here.

    So, can you post a link and show your work so far?
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