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Help with Eh-Ph diagram

  1. Apr 11, 2012 #1
    I am working with a Ge-H20 and Ga-H20 system. Im given a mixture of Ga2O3 and GeO2. I have to produce solid Ge and solid Ga.

    From the diagrams i understande how the reactions work to get the substances into ionic form, but from the ionic form to solid state is where im having problems. The 2 water stability lines are above the final point on the diagram where i need to end up for the solid states so there will be no supporting anodic reaction when moving from the ionic state to solid state.

    I dont know how to justify moving from the ionic state to the solid state. I was thinking of adding an external voltage so that the reaction can occur, the anodic reaction will the be the H20/O2 reaction. but im not sure if this is correnct
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