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Homework Help: Help with problem

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    A Ball Is Held Above A Spinning Circular Platform. The Ball Is 1.3m Above The Circular Platform That Has A Diameter Of .67m And Makes One Complete Revolution In 2.5 Seconds. If The Platfom Has A Hole On The Edge Where The Fall Can Get Through And The Ball Falls At 1.8 M/s...when Should The Ball Be Release In Order To Go Through The Hole????
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    This belongs on the homework questions section, and you should make an attempt at the solution before asking for too much help. (Hint, think about the time taken for the ball to fall, and how much the disk will spin in that time).

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    i have made a try i even made a drawing but its still hard...
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    Well, calculate t, the time taken for the ball to fall. Then work out how far the disk will spin in that time.

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