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Hey it's about SAE Baja project

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    We are having the tires with internal dia of 12inches and disc of 190mm
    Can someone suggest me the caliper we can use?

    2. Should we use single cylinder or double cylinder calliper??
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    Welcome to PF abhinav3071,

    Engineering is a discipline not a science, also know as a collection of good practices which are calculated up to point. (as much as you care about).

    You give too little detail for any calculation, and the setup is largely unknown for anyone that sees this thread.

    For brakes it is important to know the maximum friction force of the tire with the tarmac, sand, gravel etc. As that is the maximum breaking force and the calipers will be chosen according to that. Also braking regime, fast/often, slow/rare determines how much heat it needs to dissipate. A engineer will tell you from these details and lots more (there are many neccesary) which of the single/double cylinder setups are more suited for your brakes.
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