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High Voltage and measurement instruments

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    Hi all,
    Can anybody help me on HVs, high voltages up to 60Kv? Actually i've got this HV supply , then i came across with an old ammeter in my garage which i thought could help in showing me the exact voltage my supply is transferring but i have a poblem in matching the resistances. actually i wanna make an exact ratio of 1/(10^6). the approximate ratio of the ammeters input resistance and the supplies output resistance is 1/10^6, how can i make sure that putting a potentiometer in series or parallel can give me an exact ratio? thanks for your help!
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    Give some more details please. Any voltmeter should have a high as possible input resistance. You say you found an ammeter? Is this just a meter movement? Do you know any specs on the meter?
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    i've included a picture which might help. HV is applied to an ammeter of about 300ohms input resistance (Rm) and i know that the output resistance of my supply is 10^6 times greater, (well not exactly) adding extra resistances would help give me an exact ratio of 1/10^6. how can i measure this ratio? I hope i make sense:)

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