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How are construction lines used in Autodesk?

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    Hi everyone.

    I know that construction lines were used when drafting was done by hand. Now, we do everything on the computer. So, how are they used on the computer?

    Also, how are guidelines used in autodesk? Were they not used in manual drafting also? How are they used in computer drafting?

    Also, where would I see both types of lines?

    I tried scouring the internet for answers, but there were none, so I am turning to the experts on this form.
    Thanks in advance for the feedback and the help! Greatly appreciated!
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    I'm not sure what a guide line is, but construction lines can be used exactly the same way in CAD as they would be in manual drafting. CAD software, however, has an additional function called "object snap" which can function like a construction line. It will draw extensions of lines, apparent intersections of lines that stop short of each other, etc as you move the cursor.
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    Thank you sir for the input!! Greatly appreciated!
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    Thanks for your valuable input everyone. I believe that your answers tell me everything I need to know.
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