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How can I connect a speaker to my amp without a physical wires

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    I am trying to connect a second pair of speakers to my amp without the use of wires. It is really only one speaker position where running wires is impractical.
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    Depends on what you mean by connect.
    You certainly can send music or other sound content wirelessly to a suitable "speaker" - ie one with a power supply, wireless receiver and amplifier. This is what is commonly sold as a wireless speaker. There is a small radio transmitter (or even maybe an IR transmitter) to attach to your source and a matching receiver attached to an amplifier and speaker, which you can position some distance away. No wires are needed, unless the speaker needs mains power rather than batteries. Batteries would probably mean a relatively low power speaker.

    But if you want to send power from your amplifier to an ordinary speaker, no. Again you might send power a very short distance (mm rather than m) as a magnetic field, but you would need to add at least a coil of wire (and ferromagnetic core) to the speaker. The idea could be useful for getting through a thin barrier with a small amount of power maybe?
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    Merlin has responded well with the situation
    But to clarify how to do it .....

    Audio out of the LINE out ( NOT Speaker out) of your current amplifier to a Bluetooth transmitter module ( it will need a PSU prob ~ 3.3 or 5V depending on the module you get
    It will transmit to a paired BT receiver module at your other location where you will have an amplifier and speaker connected to it.
    The BT receiver module will connect into the LINE input of your second amplifier. ( you will set the volume of that remote speaker from the second amplifier)
    That remote amplifier and BT module will require their own power supplies at that location

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    jim hardy

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