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How do you make a circuit board work ?

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    i wanted to make a robot and have a circuit board of a desktop and the circuit board of the massively mini media player from tiger electronics,and i wanted to know how you can make the circuit board work and what can tell if it work to ? help would be appreciated
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    I'm not understanding the question. What "desktop"? You mean a computer to run a robot? You want to make a computer from scratch? Clarify, please...
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    yes desktop computer and by scratch
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    it would be cheaper to just buy a desktop. check the de11 outlet. You have to know what you want to do, what you need and work it out from there. Microprocessor, signal/data lines etc
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    yea but how can you make a circuit board work and where are the contact points of making it work in other words where to connect the wires ???
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