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How tell what Amps in a drop down volt diode

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    I working on a 2 cell lipo pack and need to drop the volts from 8.4 to under 6 volts. I have been using diode to do this but now I need to know what amps it will handle and which diodes to use. the setup I have now runs one servo that might pull 0.25 amps but now going to a system that will be using 4 servos so I might need to be able to pull 2 or 3 amps at a given time.

    Any info will help

    Thanks in Advanced

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    You will need 4 diodes to do this and the current rating of these diodes is the normal current rating given in the data sheets.

    So, read the number on the diode and type it into Google to get a data sheet for that diode. Then look for the current rating.

    If it is a 1N4007 or similar diode, it will be about 3 mm in diameter and these have a rating of 1 amp. Larger diodes with a diameter of 5 mm have a rating of 3 amps or so.
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    Thanks for the info
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