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How to draw Lewis structure of molecules with N

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    Many times, I find it hard to draw correct Lewis structure of molecules with nitrogen. For instance: the Lewis structure of H2CNN. I thought it should be double bond between C and N and single bond between N and N, like this: Photo on 3-17-13 at 1.54 PM_meitu_1.jpg
    But actually it's not. I have done many problems like this wrong.

    Please help me out! Thx!
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    That's certainly a correct Lewis structure for this molecule. However, when viewed at as a representation of a valence bond structure, it may not be a structure with high importance.
    The point is that the rightmost nitrogen has only a sextet. Transforming the lone pair of the central atom into a bond between the two nitrogens will lead to a structure fulfilling the octet rule on all atoms.
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    Thank you so much! It helps me a lot!
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    Could you give some more examples (just the molecular formula, not necessarily your attempts) of problems like this (since as you say you've tried several of them)? Because I originally did not get this one straight away and would love to work on a few more :)
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    OK, I will reply to you when I find those problems. I could not remember where exactly are they.
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