Lewis structure Definition and 7 Discussions

Lewis structures, also known as Lewis dot formulas, Lewis dot structures, electron dot structures, or Lewis electron dot structures (LEDS), are diagrams that show the bonding between atoms of a molecule, as well as the lone pairs of electrons that may exist in the molecule. A Lewis structure can be drawn for any covalently bonded molecule, as well as coordination compounds. The Lewis structure was named after Gilbert N. Lewis, who introduced it in his 1916 article The Atom and the Molecule. Lewis structures extend the concept of the electron dot diagram by adding lines between atoms to represent shared pairs in a chemical bond.
Lewis structures show each atom and its position in the structure of the molecule using its chemical symbol. Lines are drawn between atoms that are bonded to one another (pairs of dots can be used instead of lines). Excess electrons that form lone pairs are represented as pairs of dots, and are placed next to the atoms.
Although main group elements of the second period and beyond usually react by gaining, losing, or sharing electrons until they have achieved a valence shell electron configuration with a full octet of (8) electrons, hydrogen (H) can only form bonds which share just two electrons.

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  1. L

    Which diagram of water molecules is correct?

    I've seen both types of diagrams when drawing covalent dot and cross diagrams. And some students that I teach said that the electrons should be on the circles. But I do know that this is actually showing the electron overlap and electron field and in reality electrons are not in circular orbits...
  2. S

    Chemistry Drawing resonance structure for this O-CH2 ion

    ion shown: My answer: the following is the answer of the question: I identified the major contributor correctly, but the resonance structures, but the second resonance I drew is missing in the answer sheet. Can anyone tell me why the second resonance structure is not part of the answer...
  3. S

    Chemistry Drawing resonance structure for SO42

    I was told that there are six resonance structures for SO42-, as shown below. I am wondering why this structure with single bonds is not one of the possible resonance. I understand that it is unfavorable as the formal charges are spread out over all four atoms, but shouldn't is still be a...
  4. nineteen

    Why do we have to memorize Lewis structures of ....

    Why do we have to memorize the structures of all the nitrogen oxides? Isn't there any way to understand about the Lewis structures of all the nitrogen oxides and their weird ways of making bonds?
  5. A

    Enflurane (CHFClCF2OCHF2) Lewis structure

    So I keep getting this problem wrong and I don't know what's wrong. The structure I came up with is attached. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it!
  6. Titan97

    How can I find oxidation number of N in N2O?

    Homework Statement How can I find oxidation number of N in N2O using lewis dot structure? Homework Equations None The Attempt at a Solution Is the structure of N2O like this:
  7. N

    What is the format for ionic lewis structure w/ resonance?

    Homework Statement I need to draw NH4NO2 which is an ionic compound. 3. The Attempt at a Solution NH4 is fairly straightforward to draw, with one N in the middle and four H surrounding, and no lone pairs. The problem comes with NO2- which is one nitrogen bonded to two oxygens. However, one...