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How to find missing final/initial temp

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    (this is my first post I hope this is the right)

    Ok, so Im confused when given a problem where I have to find the missing final or initial temperature.

    Here is an example of one such problem that confuses me:

    A 68.2 g sample of copper at 21.2 °C is heated with 75.0 J. The specific heat of copper is 0.385
    J/g °C. What is the final temperature of the sample?

    I have a big test soon..... and would really like to have a good undersating of these types of problems. ANY help would be great!
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    It is not a right place - this is a homework type question (even if not a homework per se), so you should post in the homework section.

    What equations do you know that combine change in temperature, mass and amount of heat?
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