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How to Loop this C++

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    Hey guys it my first post, so please be nice :). So I am doing a problem right now and I can decide how to go about it... I am kinda lost right now, I could use an If/Else statement but it would take along time so I decided to use a loop, so here is the problem.

    Program asks user to enter height weight and age. (Completed already)

    Jacket size = height times weight divided by 288 and then (This is where I am having trouble>>) adjusted 1/8 of an inch for 10 years after 30 (For example adjusted 1/8 of an inch at 40, 50, 60, 70, but not at 39, 49, 59, 69) Thanks for your help
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    You could solve this with a loop, but I'd just divide and round:

    Code (Text):
    if (age < 40)
      adj = 0;
      adj = floor(age / 10 - 3) * 1.0/8;
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    hmm yea, maybe I shouldnt loop it, ill try the if else statement thanks
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