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How to rearrange this trig function?

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    How do I rearrange this where do I begin?

    [tex] y= -2sin [ 2\pi * \frac {(t+1)} {3} ] [/tex]

    I need to state the period, amplitude, max/min, range, domain, horizontal phase shift, and vertical displacement

    Im not sure how to rearrange the square brackets.
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    I would distribute the [tex]2\pi[/tex] and then separate the terms into the form of [tex]-2\sin{(At + B)}[/tex]. A and B will both be fractions, but setting it up in that way will allow you to more easily find all of the things you are looking for.

    EDIT: The below method could be easier for you.
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    rearrange it like this.
    [tex] y= -2sin [ \frac{2\pi}{3} *(t+1) ] [/tex]
    If you're still stuck, look here for some help
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    the general form for a sine function is

    y = a sin(bx - c) + d

    what do each of these letters (a, b, c, and d) do?

    what are the values of a, b, c, and d for the function you wrote down? you may need to do some distributing to get into this general form.
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    Thanks so much that is a BIG HUGE HELP :rofl:
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    I needed to find the properties of this trig function this is what i got

    domain {x:XER}
    horizontal phase shift 1 unit left
    no vertical shift

    Are these values correct? Should period have a unit with it or is just 3 fine? What about the amplitude is 0 amplitude possible?
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