What is Rearrange: Definition and 50 Discussions

The Claisen rearrangement is a powerful carbon–carbon bond-forming chemical reaction discovered by Rainer Ludwig Claisen. The heating of an allyl vinyl ether will initiate a [3,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement to give a γ,δ-unsaturated carbonyl.

Discovered in 1912, the Claisen rearrangement is the first recorded example of a [3,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement. Many reviews have been written.

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  1. L

    Rearrange formula and work out phase angle

    so far i think Ip = 10 f = 1000hz struggling with the phase angle
  2. L

    Struggling to rearrange a formula to find c

    I am trying to get to grips with rearranging this formula to find c Vc = Vs ( 1 -e -t/rc ) i can plug the numbers in to a point but im unsure about rearranging to create the new formula
  3. D

    Rearrange equations to calculate the Xpu impedance

    Homework Statement [/B] Given the relationships: ##X pu =\frac{\text{MVA base}}{\text{MVA fault}}## ##=\frac{\text{MVA base}}{\text{MVA rated}}\frac{\text{X%}}{100}## ##\text{fault MVA}=\sqrt{3}\text{VIfault}## ##X\Omega=\frac{V}{\sqrt{3}}I fault## Show that: - (a)...
  4. CarrotWilliams

    Solving v^2/2=gs(sin(α)+cos(α)*k): Get k with Steps

    I've gotten to this point: v^2/2=gs(sin(α)+cos(α)*k) I'm suppost to get "k" from this equation can some help by showing me the steps because I'm a bit confused on how to do it.
  5. John Connor

    I How do I rearrange this equation and make x the subject

    equation is: k/((j+x)*^(1/2-a))+1=r/(x-1) Been spending countless hours on trying to figure a way to make x the subject in the equation and haven't got anywhere.
  6. entity314

    What are the units for the hysteresis coefficient in transformer losses?

    I'm working with hysteresis losses in transformers at the moment, and I was wanting to know if there are units for the coefficient. Normally, I'd just rearrange the equation for units, below, h=ηB1.6f η=hf-1B-1.6 so it would have units JsT-1.6 However, given the power of 1.6, I'm not sure it...
  7. A

    How to properly rearrange formula

    I tried rearranging the formula multiple times but the answers I got made no sense. The equation I have to use is a=(v2-v1)/t I need to solve for v2 v1=1 a=2.27 t=3.88 If you cold help me rearrange the formula correctly that'd be great! Thanks!
  8. P

    Rearranging an SUVAT Equation: Solving for Time

    Hello everyone, Please can someone help me rearrange this equation to make t the subject: Relevant equations: My attempt at a solution: Thank you all for you help
  9. C

    Can you rearrange vectors in a set? And another misc questn.

    Suppose you have a set of vectors v1 v2 v3, etc. However large they are, suppose they span some area, which I think is typically represented by Span {v1, v2, v3} But I mean, if you're given these vectors, is there anything wrong with rearranging them? Because there's a theorem- that "an...
  10. B

    Integration algabriac manipulation problem

    Hello there, I was wondering if someone might be able to help me out with some intermediate steps please. I can't see how $$f_{tt} =-\int_{r_0}^0 \left(\frac{2Gm_0}{r} - \frac{2Gm_0}{r_0}\right)^{-\frac{1}{2}} dr$$ becomes $$f_{tt} =-...
  11. Z

    How can the Doppler equation be rearranged to solve for other variables?

    Hi, So i know that the doppler equation is as follos; F(observed)= (Vsound + Vdetector) / (Vsound +- Vsource) x F(emitted) Does anyone know how to reaarange the equation to solve for the other variables?
  12. M

    Why Does Rearranging an Inductor Yield Different Magnetic Fields?

    I found two ways to solve this problem, but I get two different solutions, it's confusing because I can't see the flaw in wrong solution. 1. Homework Statement Long cylindrical inductor of diameter D1 and inductance L1 is connected to battery and creates magnetic field B1. Inductor is then...
  13. L

    Functions and Rearranging Help

    Two functions are defined as: f(x) = 1/(-10x+14)+17 g(x) = 1/(-4x-3) Find fg(x) and gf(x) and simplify answer into form (ax+b)/(cx+d) where a,b,c and d are numbers to be found. I know it is common practice to put in some of my own attempts onto here, but I am not even getting remotely close to...
  14. J

    Rearrange equation (solution of ODE)

    I have determined the solution to a nonlinear first order ordinary differential equation but am struggling to rearrange the result, I have that $$\\ln(R)+\frac{mR^{n-1}}{n-1}=\bar{w}_{\infty}\xi+C.$$ How would I rearrange this equation for $$R$$?
  15. G

    Rearrange Euler's identity to isolate i

    Homework Statement Maybe this is not possible because i does not represent anything quantile and is merely abstract? I'm not sure and maybe you guys can help! Homework Equations e^{i \pi} + 1 = 0 The Attempt at a Solution e^{i \pi} + 1 = 0 e^{i \pi} = -1 You cannot...
  16. S

    Did i rearrange this equation correctly? (circular motion)

    dHomework Statement A bucket 2.00kg is whirled in a vertical circle of a radius 1.10m. At the lowest point of its motion the tension in the rope supporting the bucket is 25.0 N a) find the speed of the bucket b) how fast must the bucket move at the top of the circle so that the rope does not go...
  17. S

    How Can I Prove This Complex Fraction Equation?

    I'm trying to prove that $$\dfrac{l}{c+u}+\dfrac{l}{c-u}=\dfrac{2l}{\sqrt{c^2-u^2}}$$My workings so far: $$\dfrac{l}{c+u}+\dfrac{l}{c-u},$$ put over common denominator, $$\dfrac{l(c-u)}{(c-u)(c+u)}+\dfrac{l(c+u)}{(c-u)(c+u)},$$ $$\dfrac{l(c-u)+l(c+u)}{(c-u)(c+u)},$$ expand out...
  18. O

    Rearrange for x. Is this even possible?

    Hi all, Homework Statement I'm working on a problem related to an MRI signal equation. Essentially I want to derive an equation that can tell me the point at which f(x) is maximum. I have differentiated with respect to x and double checked that there are no errors. But now I am stumped at...
  19. M

    How to rearrange this equation?

    How to rearrange this equation? apparently 1/M (F-μmg)=μmg/g goes to μ=F/(M+m)g but I don't see how please help i never learned the simple maths and I am paying for it now
  20. G

    MATLAB Extract and rearrange data in Matlab

    Hi all, I need to rearrange my data. I have an excel file with 12 columns and 2045 rows, which I transformed that into a .mat. I need to query my data rearranged as follows (cf. example matrix below): 1-sum all values of Col 3 if: a-they belong to a given value of Col 1 and to a...
  21. R

    Rearrange Formula to Make r^2 the Subject - Homework Help

    Homework Statement I am trying to rearrange formula to make r^2 the subject. Homework Equations 0.05=(2.88/4*1*0.018)(0.05^2-r^2) The Attempt at a Solution I tried to rearrage as : 0.05^2+0.05/2.88/4*0.018 then sqr root of the answer but I don't think it is correct Please help
  22. A

    Rearrange this equation to make x the subject

    Homework Statement I'm pretty sure we're meant to solve this using a calculator but I'd like to see if it can be rearranged to make x the subject. I've tried the usual approaches but ended up going in circles. It's part of a bigger problem which required me to find the intersection of...
  23. B

    How to rearrange to find the height of a hollow beam

    Homework Statement i had a solid rectangular beam of max stress equalling 1.65x10^6N/m² a new beam, a hollow rectangular beam is made to reduce weight, it has the same maximum bending stress 1.65x10^6N/m² but this time has a horizontal dimension of 0.2m and a constant wall thickness of 0.02...
  24. P

    Need serious help to understand how to rearrange scientific formula

    I am currently doing AS level physics at school. However I still can't rearrange formula for questions. I literally have no idea on how to go about doing it. For example, a simple formula like R=V/I I tried to rearrange it so I could find I. I tried using an example I found on this...
  25. S

    Do high power microwaves ionise water molecules and/or rearrange food molecules?

    Ok, this is a separate topic about Microwaves. I have come across claim that microwaved food is safe for health as long as the food is microwaved on a low power. This is because microwaves oven that are used on high power can strip ionise a water molecule and rearraange atoms in food...
  26. D

    Will someone help me to rearrange this sentence ?

    a) and reduce our risk of / lifestyle / By adopting a healthy lifestyle, / a healthy body / and diet related diseases / we can maintain / developing b) tissues / to create / and repair / Healthy eating / all necessary nutrients / means / supply / and abundant / of energy
  27. M

    How do I rearrange this equation?

    [a]1. How do I make dp the subject? Q=[(dp/dx)/2k]^(1/n).[pi/(1/n)+3].R^(1/n)+3 ^= power of Please Help I also have attached the equation. Thanks M.Stephens
  28. P

    Rearrange Equation: Simplifying X = y / (a/b) with Help from Mick

    Help, How do I get X a/b = y/x I get to: x = y / (a/b) but this seems silly? Cheers, Mick
  29. A

    Solve R1 in Rt = R3 + [ ( 1/R1 + 1/R2 ) ^-1 ] for Parallel Circuits

    Homework Statement Rearrange formula for series and parallel circuit combination. Make R1 the subject of the formula : Rt = R3 + [ ( 1/R1 + 1/R2 ) ^-1 ] Homework Equations Rt = R3 + [ ( 1/R1 + 1/R2 ) ^-1 ] The Attempt at a Solution I am unsure as to how to get rid of the...
  30. I

    How can I rearrange this for the angle?

    also - The result I'm getting for d is 18587 - this is when I enter 427 for initial velocity, 45 for theta, and 9.81 for g - is this correct?
  31. Z

    How many ways to rearrange distinct objects (factorial)

    Homework Statement Hello. This is the gist of the question: I have 0 < k < n and I need a formula to show the number of sets of exactly k integers, each chosen from 1, ... , n. Homework Equations n! is the number of distinct ways to rearrange n objects into n slots. The...
  32. A

    How to rearrange to solve for an exponential function

    I am having difficulty trying to rearrange this equation to solve for one unknown variable. i=(io)exp(z*α*F*∆V)/(R*T) How would I rearrange this equation if i wanted to solve for io, also how would I rearrange this equation to solve for say α.
  33. M

    Rearranging Equation: Make A Subject - Ideas?

    Homework Statement F = A [Q][1][Q][2] / [r][2] Rearrange make A subject any one have any ideas? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
  34. T

    How to rearrange the equation?

    I've been trying (unsuccessfully!) to rearrange the following equation so that H is the subject: mgH = [k(H - L)^2] / 2 (Where ^2 means squared.) I also have some test data which shows that if m = 50, g = 9.8, k = 40 and L = 20, H should equal 57.5, or thereabouts
  35. G

    Rearranging Formula: Make e the Subject | 10b + 5be - 3e + 7c

    I need to rearrange this formula to make e the subject. Have I done it correctly? 10b + 5be - 3e + 7c 10b + 5be - 3e = 7c 5be - 3e = 7c - 10b e(5b - 3) = 7c - 10b e = 7c - 10b / 5b - 3
  36. G

    Rearranging Formula: Step-by-Step Guide to Solve ax - b = cx + d

    I have been trying to rearrange this formula to make x the subject: ax - b = cx + d My (wrong) attempt at the answer was: x = cx + d/a - b I know that that is wrong because x still appears on the right side of the formula. The right answer is: x = (d+b)/(a-c) I have no idea how...
  37. M

    Deflection of Beams - Rearrange formula

    Deflection of Beams - Rearrange formula [URGENT] Homework Statement Deflection for a simply supported beam... I calculated the deflection of it to be 9.72mm downwards, but there is a support 6mm from the original position and need to calculate the force on the support... The original...
  38. M

    Rearrange this formula please

    Homework Statement I'm doing springs in Engineering, need to find 'n' = Number of coils, only equations I have are.. Compression (let's give it a symbol &) & = ( 8FC3n ) / Gd And K = Gd / 8C3n Thanks.. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
  39. Z

    How many ways can we rearrange the letters in DISCRETE

    Hey, new member here. Been viewing this forums for a long time now and used this forum as a resource for help with homework. Anyways, wasn't sure where to put this problem. I am having trouble setting up the problem. How many ways can we rearrange the letters in DISCRETE so that the E’s...
  40. S

    Can't Rearrange this equation ?

    Can't Rearrange this equation!?? Homework Statement I need to substitute one equation into another and rearrange for one term. I can't get the right answer! Homework Equations I've had to attach the equations as pictures I am afraid, here they are. The equation to be...
  41. R

    Rearrange Equation for Y= in X=Y-0.0065*Z*Y^.6 - Get Help Now!

    Please Help: Trying to rearrange this equation X=Y-0.0065*Z*Y^.6 so that Y=...
  42. A

    *HELP* Rearrange Equation Using Trig Identities

    Hi Helpers:blushing:, the following is my problem: I have to rearrange Equation(1) to make Equation(2) using trigonometric identities (1): E(θ)=2Eo + (ΔR)^2 (c(x)cos^2(θ-θo) + c(y)sin^2(θ-θo)) (2): E(θ)=2Eo + ½(ΔR)^2 ((c(x)-c(y))cos(2(θ-θo)) + (c(x) + c(y)) I was able to get...
  43. P

    How to rearrange this equation for o

    o = theta how the hell do you rearrange for o? (1/6)tan^2(o/2) + (1/2)tan^2(o/2) = t
  44. madmike159

    Can anyone help me rearrange this quadratic equation for t?

    can anyone help me rearrange to make t the subject. If you could show the working it would be a real help.
  45. A

    Simplify the Equation (m - M) + 5 = 5(log d) for Easy Understanding

    ok i want d the subject in: m - M = 5 (log d) - 5 ok now. (m - M) + 5 = 5(log d) ((m - M) + 5) / 5 = log d d = 10 ^ ((m - M) +5) / 5) is that right?
  46. S

    Solve (A+Bh)/(2B + A/h)=X to Find A

    Hey, I've spent ageees trying this . . . Re-arrange to find A: (A + Bh) / (2B + A/h) = X * / indicates division I would post my attempts although it would take me a while to do s and it probably wouldn't give anyone any insight. I'd much appreciate it if someone could...
  47. T

    Solving Kinetic Energy: How Do I Rearrange the Equation for Mass?

    Hi, I know the kinetic energy equation is Kinetic Energy(J) = 0.5 x Mass (Kg) x velocity² (m/s) So how do I rearrange it. I've been having problems with it I have a question here What is the weight of an object traveling at 2m/s with 2J of kinetic energy? the answer is 10N, but...
  48. M

    Rearrange the Projectile Motion equation

    I have a real big problem. My physics teacher has given an extra-credit assignment to my class to figure out. He said we can use whatever we want to figure it out. The problem was to rearrange the Projectile Motion equation (d = Vit + 1/2at2) to solve for t. So I started out by asking my Math...
  49. A

    How to rearrange this trig function?

    How do I rearrange this where do I begin? y= -2sin [ 2\pi * \frac {(t+1)} {3} ] I need to state the period, amplitude, max/min, range, domain, horizontal phase shift, and vertical displacement Im not sure how to rearrange the square brackets.
  50. J

    How to rearrange coulomb's law equation to make q2 the subject

    have been trying this for 8 hours. have finally come up with q = Fe X r squared, divided by Ke. In the problem I have been told the value for: Fe = 5.5 x 10-9, r = 5.0 x 10 -10 and of course Ke (8.99 x 10 9) known nucleus charge is e= 1.6 x 10-19. I have been asked whether the magnitude of...