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Hydraulic motor torque for a home-built flight simulator

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    I am constructing a home built flight simulator and am using hydraulic motors with a arm attached to the motor spindle for movement. I need to know how much torque I would need in the motor to lift 1000 lbs. Also I need to know how fast the motor should be to move the weight 1 foot in 2 seconds. Thank you in advance
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    How long is the arm?

    Best answer I can give with the info provided is...

    1 foot in 2 seconds = 6 inches per second.
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    the arm would be 2'
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    what I wanted to know when I asked about the arm moving, I wished to know how powerful a motor I would need to achieve this. ie: rpm, flow rate etc.
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    You have already defined the motor RPM by setting the time for the 2' arm to travel 6"/s.
    The flow rate will depend on the motors swept volume.
    You can get a lower limit for power from P=Fv (power =force*velocity). Actual Power required will depend on many other factors - required acceleration, motor efficiency, pipe friction, linkage & bearing friction etc etc.
    If you provide a dimensioned sketch we may be able to offer further assistance.
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    sorry Im just a pilot. please elaborate on the acceleration, motor efficiency etc, as I just want someone to tell me what kind of motor I should purchase

    thank you again in advance
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    I need to know what size and type of hydraulic motor will lift 1000lbs one foot in one second.

    I propose to attach a lever to the motor spindle and attach the end of the lever to the object to be lifted

    I need to know the rpm required for the motor, the flow rate in gallons per minute and the psi required to drive the motor to meet these specs

    thank you in advance
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    I am no expert in hydraulic machinery, but lifting a heavy load with a lever attached to a motor does not seem a very good idea. Wouldn’t it be more straightforward to use a hydraulic cylinder instead?
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    billy joule

    bi am currently on holidays and awaymfrom the equipment but will answer you on mymreturn
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