I got a Zhumell Z8 Dobsonian. The stock lens is decent

  1. I got a Zhumell Z8 Dobsonian. The stock lens is decent, I think. One is a 68 degree Plossl and the other is a zoomed in Plossl that I don't know as much about.

    I want a new lens so I can get better views. I am mostly interested in deep sky objects, seeing as there are only a handful of planets to look at. My 68 degree is far better for that.

    So, what type of eyepiece should I get?
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  3. russ_watters

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    Re: Eyepiece?

    It would help a lot to know what the focal length of the "zoomed-in plossl" is.

    However, you may be better off with a 2x barlow.

    Also, for planets you want higher magnification, which means lower focal length on the eyepiece.
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    Re: Eyepiece?

    As Russ suggested, a Barlow might be helpful. If it is of good quality and fully multi-coated, it will magnify without noticeably degrading the image, and it will let you keep the comfortable eye-relief of a longer focal length EP. Short focal-length EPs can be nice, but they often have very little eye-relief, which can be problematic for inexperienced observers and people who need to wear glasses to correct astigmatism (for example).
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    I have a 9mm 1.25 inch format Plossl and a 30 mm 2 inch format Plossl.

    I just want an upgrade from my 2 inch Plossl to a better 2 inch for more deep sky objects.
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    Re: Eyepiece?

    What brand is your Plossl? Is it fully multi-coated? Proper coatings can enhance light throughput for better contrast in faint objects.

    Now the big question. Can you attend a few star parties with clubs within driving distance? There are very few dedicated amateurs that will not let you pop an EP or two into your focuser to see how well they work with your 'scope. That's a whole lot "real-world" than asking for advice on a forum, no matter how well-intentioned we might be when replying.
  7. Re: Eyepiece?

    There is nothing that I know of so far, however, I do live on the very north end of Phoenix.
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