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I hurt my back

  1. Oct 20, 2006 #1
    I hurt my back :(

    Today I completely screwed up my back. I was at my University gym lifting with my workout partner, and things were going fine. We were finishing up on our last exercise, when it was my turn to lift the heaviest amount I was going to for the day. I got the first rep, and then on the second, BOOM, pain throughout all of my lower back. We were doing deadlifts, and I always try to have proper form. I don't know what happened with it today, but whatever I did, this is just horrible.

    It hurts so bad to sit right now and write this. It hurts to bend over. I look like I'm 180 years old! I've been taking Excedrin Extra Strength, and that has helped a little... but not enough.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

    My current plan of attack, is to continue to lay down, and try to sleep it off (thank god it is friday). I'm giong to keep popping the meds (next round I'm switching to Aleve to see if that works better). Tomorrow if the pain is not manageable, I'm going to the doctors.

    This sucks! It's amazing how often your lower back comes into play in everyday movement.
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    Go to a chiropractor as soon as you can.

    Also, NEVER over-estimate what you can deadlift. And if you find that your first rep was really difficult, lower the weight. Deadlifting is one of the exercises you do not want to perform with bad form. It's better to have a bruised ego than a messed up back.
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    I don't have a high opinion of chiropractors, having once had a Chiropractic College as a client and dated two chiropractors. At best, they're deluded, at worst, they're frauds.

    Go to a real doctor.
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    Have you tried homer's magical trash can?
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    Math Is Hard

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    that was awesome :rofl:
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    Homer: That's not a trashcan, it's Dr. Homer's miracle spine-o-cylinder, patent pending.

    Patient: You think you can fix my sciatica?

    Homer: I don't know what that is, so I'm going to say "yes."

    His bedside manner is unorthodox. He tells the patient to go "limp." As he pushes the patient over the trashcan, which is on its side, he intones:

    Homer: One, two, better not sue.
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    I wish someone would have told me that :(

    On squats I am very careful to do weight that I can manage. On deadlifts I hit 4 reps at that weight on monday, but couldn't get the last one. Today the first rep was fine, the second rep, again fine, but when I sat the weight down... boom, it was just horrible. Trust me, I would rather have a bruised ego. grrr
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    Go to singapore amd buy a little machine that you stick little pads on your back and it gives you electric shocks that feel like acupuncture and massages it really helps! Its so much better than a chiropracter. Also helps with colds, hangovers, any strains, headaches, heaps more (it can help any problem)
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    Video of it :rofl:
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    I agree. If it's anything that requires more than a good massage to fix it, go to a real doctor.

    What's with all these back and neck injuries the past few days? You guys need to be more careful. You might heal up okay now, but the injuries you get now will come back to haunt you when you're older if you keep abusing your bodies.
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    One of the best things I have found for bad back is grab a chinup bar and slowly transfer your weight until you are hanging by your arms for a couple of minutes.

    OTOH considering what you were doing there could be some serious damage there.
    I'm thinking you might want to get it checked out.
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    Yeah, Excedrin will only help to cut the pain some, it won't help you heal. Ibuprophin is a muscle relaxant and anti-inflamatory. My doc tells me to take three IB three times a day to help knock down the pain and help the healing.

    I also agree with NoTime that lengthening out the spine helps and for me it feels good. Better than a chinup bar is to stand back-to-back with a strong friend, you reach your arms back pointing down. Your friend squats a little, reaches up with their arms through your armpits, and then straightens up to lift your feet off the ground. This supports your upper body with your hips a little above theirs, and your spine in a gentle extension. It also helps if the friend does a slow movement side to side or circular with their hips, to help your back muscles to stretch out and relax. Kind of hard to explain, but the one time a friend did it for me after a bad back strain, it felt wonderful, and left me genuinely releived.

    The doc sounds like a good idea. Especially if you have access to a sports doc or a doc who is very active in working out themselves. I've been very forutunate over the past couple decades to have a doc who is a very active athlete himself.
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    Go see a doctor, and perhaps an orthopedist

    from http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/002119.htm

    Orthodedics: Low Back Strain

    Lower back pain symptoms and treatment

    If one has a herniated disk, that is significant and one should find out ASAP. Perhaps one has a strained muscle - very painful but less serious than herniated disc.
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    I really think it's best to see a doctor before resuming activity. Make sure you haven't torn anything that does need rest to heal or that could be made worse with continued exercise or even stretching. If you get the all-clear, then continuing some light stretching or exercising will help retain good mobility while the injury heals.
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    And if it does require just a good massage - go to a good massage therapist. Its cheaper and you won't feel quite so dirty afterwards. My mom has some back and neck issues from straining herself while golfing and a good massage helps a lot.
  17. Oct 21, 2006 #16


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    I actually pulled a back muscle doing a seated-row a few weeks ago and I think doing lat pulls of various kinds has helped stretch it without putting too much pressure on it.
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    Man I really appreciate all the responses! This forum is such a great community.

    I don't really know what doctors are good, and who isn't out here. Most of my family members are involved in medicine back home, so they know the specialty doctors personally. So I go to them when I have a problem. Since I'm not there, I need to find someone out here.

    Anyways, I tried going to a walk in clinic that was near me (I couldn't get anyone to answer their phone there). Once I got there, I asked them their capabilities, and they said they can't even do x-rays. Sounds a little sketch to me :( So I got in touch with another place that is about 30 minutes away, but they said they can't do x-rays on anyones neck or back... again, :(

    If I'm going to go to a facility like that, I at least would like them to be able to go past a recommendation like, put ice on it and rest. Since I'm going to be doing that anyways, why pay to have someone tell me the same. So my choices are the emergency room, or to wait and see a "good" doctor on Monday. I'm going to wait it out until Monday.

    Moonbear! You scared me with,
    I don't want to never be able to exercise again. Deadlifts were my favorite exercise... although doing them right now sounds as appetizing as consuming dog food.

    :) alright, time to lay down for a bit. Have a good weekend everyone!
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    Didn't mean to scare you with it. Just be careful. Once you start injuring your back, it gets harder to heal and more prone to back problems when you're older. It won't mean you can't exercise again, and exercise is good for preventing such problems, but overdoing it can be just as bad as underdoing it. No doubt, you'll be more careful in the future anyway. :wink:
  20. Oct 21, 2006 #19
    Take advice from me. Go to the doctor ASAP, and do whatever he recommends. Physical Therapy--whatever.

    I powerlifted and competed for several years struggling with nagging injuries etc (mainly my lower back). I lifted through these injuries and ignored and blocked them out. Now, I have a bulging L5 disk that is progressively getting worse, and I can no longer bend over to tie my shoes, letalone deadlift 600lbs anymore. I let my pig-headed-ness get ahead of me, and ultimately it has ruined my hobby that I was very passionate about.

    I'd see a doctor and absolutely insist that you get an MRI. I had two doctors tell me its just a pulled muscle, and then finally I found an orthipedic doctor, and the MRI he sent me for revealed the disk problem.
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  21. Oct 21, 2006 #20


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    I agree with those who tell you not to wait before seeing a doctor. Forget chiropractors... as Evo said, they're primarily fraudulent. Some of them might actually believe that they're helping, and in a relatively few cases they can, but they can also cause far more damage than they alleviate. There have been several cases of paralysis from neck manipulation, for instance. They also are trained in chiropractic college to never actually cure something even if they can. They merely relieve the symptoms temporarily. It's a planned obsolescence scam, like Windows; it works just long enough to build your confidence to the point that you'll go back when it starts to hurt again. It absolutely appalled me when they won the right to entitle themselves Doctors.
    While there's a fair possibility that you just strained something, it would be purely stupid to assume that. It could be as serious as a ruptured disk, a chipped vertebra, an injured nerve, or serious muscle damage.
    The last time that something like that happened to me was when I picked up the end of a pool table (just a couple of inches) and dropped it to knock a stuck ball loose. I'd done it a few dozen times before, but this time something went wrong. Went to the doctor immediately in the morning (no clinic in town) because I was sure that I'd blown a disk. Turned out that it was a couple of torn muscles. Immense relief there, but it didn't hurt any less.
    The stretching thing can definitely help relieve the pain, if the cause of that pain isn't something that stretching will aggravate. Be careful if you do it berkeman's way, though. It's a good idea, but make sure to do it slowly. I say this from bitter experience. I was in a similar situation a few years ago (okay, it was an ill-advised dancing move :redface: ). The guy jerked instead of lifting smoothly, and I had two ribs torn off of my sternum. It didn't hurt until a couple of hours later, then I paid $100 for a cab to the emergency ward because I couldn't drive and seriously thought, based upon the location and intensity of the pain, that my pericardium had been punctured. Couldn't even breathe properly for six weeks after that, even wearing the corset-like rib belt to hold things together.
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