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I want to see University's textbook list

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    Is there a way to see syllabus and textbooks of a university which I'm not belong to?
    I visit website like course catalog of universities like MIT, Stanford, UC of Berkeley.
    Some course of some major of some university reveal their textbook used in course but it seems generally that syllabus and textbook titles can't be viewed by public.
    Please recommend website where I can find what books top schools use in courses or universities which let textbook title be viewed by public.
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    Univerisity departments usually have websites these days. One will often find a list of courses for each major, possibly with some description of the course contents and prerequisites. Some universities publish their course/academic catalogue in pdf.

    However, each faculty member is responsible for the syllabi he or she uses, and one usually has to look under the faculty listings for the syllabus, which may have a reference to the textbook or textbooks used for the course.
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