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Homework Help: Immediate Answer Needed

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    We just started class and i really need a refresher on physics..unfortunately, our prof already gave us a problem..i know it's simple but i honestly cant get to answer it..please..help me..ASAP

    mass/electron Q and mass/electron P are separated from each others at a fixed distance r. How is Q related to P if the force is maximum?

    ***please help me Super ASAP...thank you!!!
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    Andrew Mason

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    It would help if you would give us the entire question. The problem seems to ask: how should the total charge or mass (= P+Q) be divided up in order to create the maximum force between P and Q?

    All you have to know is that the gravitational force between two masses (or the electrical force between two charges) is proportional to the product of the two masses (or charges). So, when is this product maximum?

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