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Impedance of a 5kW generator (synchronous single phase)

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    Hi everyone!

    As a Belgian student electrical engineering, I am going to Peru this summer with Humasol vzw, a development organisation that works with engineering students. Our job is to build a hydro turbine next to a small river to provide a little community with electricity. Also part of our project is to design and build the grid, and do the calculations here already in Belgium. But in the calculations of the short circuit currents, to decide the protection switches, we noticed we miss some important data.

    We are working with a synchronous single phase generator of 5kW with 4 salient poles but we don't know the impedance of it. So we don't know how big a short circuit current will be when a fault occurs. After half a day of searching on the web, no useful data was found.

    Could somebody help us out here by giving an estimation of the impedance of such a generator? Or if you might have an idea of its copper losses?

    It would really help us out!
    Thanks in advance,
    Jonathan Stevens
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    Welcome to PF.

    I did a Google search on "typical data salient pole". That gave me numerous links that could provide the answer you need.

    Good luck
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    This is good stuff! It took me a while to figure out not all search engines return the same information. It's a good thing to know.

    Good luck and take care.
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