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In search of books or textbooks to study for the upcoming PGRE

  1. Jul 31, 2011 #1
    Hi, so as many of you who are in 3rd year or so know, the PGRE is coming this October and November.. exciting times.. So from what I have heard, there are barely any exclusively PGRE-prep books.. Hence I look forward to some input on what kind of books (in general) that would be a good idea to study for the rest of the summer and before the exam..

    My personal crack at good books are:
    Electrodynamics (Griffiths)
    Quantum Mechanics (Scherrer or Shankar)
    Thermodynamics (Schroeder)
    Modern Physics (Serway)

    I also know that there are at least 4 former PGRE tests floating on the internet (check the PGRE forums).. so don't need to mention those.. thanks, and good luck on all your applications!

    PS. any suggestions for non-print resources would be good too, including e-books..
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