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Incoming/Outcoming Servers

  1. May 21, 2004 #1
    I would like to use MS Outlook to send emails but it asks me to enter incoming and outcoming servers which I actually have no ideas about. Would you please tell me what they are ? How can I use Ootlook to write and send mails to my friends ?

    Thank you,
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    Incoming server will be your POP3 (Post Office Protocol) server assigned by your ISP and outgoing will be your SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) assigned by your ISP.

    You will also need a logon name and pass… again assigned by your ISP.

    Call them and ask for those 4 things and you will be set. Or hit their website. Most of the time ISPs will list their POP3 and SMTP server addresses on their web site.

    The format you are looking for will either be an FQDN (mail.yourisp.com) or an IP address ( for example)

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    This is what you type

    Incoming: mail.yourISPname.net
    Outgoing: mail.yourISPname.net
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    Thank you , I see it now....:sm:
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