Suggestion Install a handy Latex Equation Editor

  1. I find it very difficult to learn the latex code system this website uses.
    Why don't you people install a User-Friendly Latex equation editor on your website?
    I found this one-

    It is very easy to use and less-time consuming!
    All you have to do is to type the equation in the box ( in the pop-up window after installing ) and copy to the document.
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  3. Is my suggestion useless?
  4. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    No but we already have a LaTeX GUI
  5. I never knew that.
    How do I use it?
  6. Borek

    Staff: Mentor

  7. Doc Al

    Staff: Mentor

  8. Borek

    Staff: Mentor

    Wow, didn't know.
  9. Thanks for the info.
    But its not that User Friendly. It takes some time to switch between different tabs and the symbols to load ( I have enough internet speed ). PF administrator should consider improving/developing it.
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